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Welcome to the International Symposium on Comparative Evolutionary Thanatology (EvoThan) website hosted by the EvoThan Collective. We are thrilled to announce our event, taking place in the serene setting of Kyoto, Japan, from Thursday, June 20th, to Friday, June 21st, 2024.


Comparative thanatology is the interdisciplinary study of death-related behaviors and processes across different animal species, aiming to elucidate evolutionary, ecological, and social factors influencing animals' responses towards mortality. The EvoThan Symposium will be a gathering of experts, researchers, and enthusiasts dedicated to exploring and advancing our understanding of such animal reactions to death and dying.


Recognizing the diverse needs of our global community, the EvoThan Symposium will be a hybrid event, ensuring accessibility for participants who are unable to join us in person. Join us to engage with eminent scholars and researchers in the field of comparative thanatology, as they share groundbreaking insights and discoveries. Whether you're presenting your own research or participating in lively discussions, your contributions will shape the dialogue of this international gathering.


Furthermore, we extend a special invitation to early-career researchers and other interested candidates to apply for a lightning talk and share their insights with our global audience. Do you have case studies, experiments or scientific reviews relevant to comparative thanatology? Here’s the opportunity to elevate your research and make your mark on the EvoThan Symposium agenda. Submit your abstract and apply for a lightning talk now!


Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to be part of the EvoThan Symposium in Kyoto, where ideas converge, collaborations flourish, and the future of comparative thanatology unfolds. Registration is free both for online and in-person participants. Our registration page is now open. We look forward to welcoming you to our event.

Key info:

Abstract submission deadline - May 31

Symposium starts - June 20-21


June 20 - 21st, Kyoto, Japan

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